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Forces Goal 2030 is a long-term modernisation program for Bangladesh Armed Forces. Its main purpose is expanding the force size, acquiring modern war-machines and providing next level training. The goal also emphasizes developing indigenous defence industries.

Bangladesh has announced a 2018-19 Defence Budget of BDT290.66 billion (USD3.45 billion). The 2018-19 defence budget also amounts to 6.2% of total annual government expenditure and about 1.3% of GDP. The new military budget allocates BTD11.52 billion for “development expenditure”, including military acquisitions.

Due to Strategic Location of Bangladesh on the global map, specifically in the Asian region, it holds a distinct position in terms of trade and regional peace.

Modernization of Police Forces is another pivotal reason where Police Forces of the Bangladesh are highly out of modern weapons, technologies and training to combat the modern era organized terrorism.

Modernization of Paramilitary Forces is also undergoing process where country is focused which will be part of the capacity building.